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The New Breed Coaching. World-class body transformation specialists. Online coaching to transform YOUR body.

Quality customised results designed around the client’s individualised needs.

We truly believe in delivering high quality, unrivalled coaching for people at any level of their journey.

Online Coaching

You will get access to a tracking app, helping you monitor your progress and get closer to your goals// Real-time progress tracker so you can see your progress at all times// You will be required to enter your measurements weekly via my app, to give you a concise indication of your progress in relation to your goals

100% tailored nutrition plans

As a coach it is important to me that you can reach out with any questions// Communication is crucial when it comes to online coaching, therefore I want to make sure you can reach out to me 24/7

Your workout plan is designed specifically for you, your goals and your lifestyle, using tried and tested training principles that I know work

What to Expect


Learn not only to look good but to feel good and understand the habits that enable you to change your life forever. Mindset is a key component in lifelong results.


Understand the best tips and tricks needed to eat and nourish your body in the most effective way. With fully bespoke and highly customised recipe guides, macronutrients and everything you need to achieve the greatest possible results.


Unlimited variations, guided exercise workouts and bespoke plans, get everything you need to workout to the best of your ability no matter where you are in the world. Taking into consideration skill level, injuries and much more, we create to workouts designed for every level.

Competition Prep

Looking for that pro card or just want to get into the world of professional competitions? With an advanced check-in process and continued support, we will ensure the best transformation possible and help even the more advanced athletes to obtain that extra edge for your next show.

Success Stories

We believe coaching should be much more than just support when you have any issues. It should be accountability. This is key to help with your adherence, motivation and to keep you working hard at your goals. Our passion is really just being there for you as the client.

Meet the Team


My Names Joe Ballinger, one of the head coaches here at The New Breed. I’ve been coaching now for over a decade and have numerous academic qualifications, most notably a BSc Hons Degree in Strength and Conditioning. Alongside knowledge and education, I also have a lot of experience from a competitive athlete stand point, having competed at an international level in powerlifting, playing semi professional rugby and in recent years turned my attention to bodybuilding and physique development – but not just for myself, for my clients as well! 

I believe as coaches, education isn’t enough, we also need ‘in the trenches experience’ along side countless coaching hours to really understand what is required of you, the client! 

I have helped thousands of people change their lives for the better by not just improving their physical appearance and aesthetics, but also their mindset and mentality towards health snd fitness and life in general. 

I am now working predominantly with competitive athletes who are serious about taking their physiques and their performance to the next level. Most of my current clients are preparing for the competitive stage or are in an off season phase looking to build the foundations they need for on stage success. If you’re looking to compete and get on stage then please get in touch today and we can chat about you and your goals. 

If competing isn’t for you, that completely fine, we have coaches that work with clients from all experience levels and backgrounds so please get in touch via the lead form and we will find the perfect coach for you to achieve your goals.


My name is Luke Crunden and I am one of the head coaches here at the New Breed. 

Since graduating from university with a strength and conditioning degree, I have since established my position as an online transformation coach, helping clients with an array of goals reach their true physique potential.

Having personally gone through my own body transformation to then competing on stage, I have a great understanding on what it takes to not only transform your physique, but the immense lifestyle benefits that come with it.

My goal now is simple, it is to help confused and frustrated individuals reach their true physique potential using the most efficient, sustainable and proven methods, that ultimately leaves no choice but to achieve insane results. 

So whether you are looking to achieve your best shape for a holiday, you’re wanting to have a complete change in lifestyle habits, you want to compete on stage, or to simply look and feel the best you ever have; I can undoubtedly get you there and help you achieve a physique and mindset you never dreamed possible.

Don’t let the opportunity to become the best version of yourself pass you by!